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Outback Steakhouse Desserts Menu

Outback Steakhouse desserts menu presents a delectable selection of an excellent conclusion to your meal. From rich chocolate cakes to classic cheesecake and carrot cake, Outback has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Keep reading to learn about all the tantalizing dessert options on the menu along with nutrition information, prices, and tips for picking the best treat.

The Outback dessert case is filled with indulgent cakes, ice cream creations, and fresh-baked pies. Classic choices like the Salted Caramel Cookie and Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce are customer favorites.

For enthusiasts of chocolate, the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under is a surefire delight—a substantial slice of chocolate cake adorned with layers of rich chocolate mousse. The restaurant also offers lighter options like a one-scoop ice cream for only 300 calories.

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Among all the desserts, customers seem to love the Chocolate Thunder the most. This gigantic slice of cake has over 1500 calories but customers say it’s worth every bite! The cheesecakes and carrot cake are also customer favorites for their decadent taste and creamy textures.

Outback Steakhouse Desserts Menu Prices in United States:

If you’re looking for the lowest price dessert option, the one scoop of ice cream is only $3.99. It’s a simple but satisfying way to end your meal. On the higher end, the show-stopping Chocolate Thunder costs $10.99 for a seriously shareable portion.

#Menu ItemPrice ($)Calories (kcal)
1Thunder & Lightning10.491920
2Triple-Layer Carrot Cake8.491290
3Chocolate Chocolate Tower9.99710
4Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet5.99930
5Butter Cake7.49840
6New York-Style Cheesecake8.491040
7Chocolate Thunder from Down Under9.491520
8Chocolate Fondue Flight12.08
9Caramel Cookie Skillet6.58

For the best taste, many customers recommend splurging on the Chocolate Thunder or Cheesecake with Raspberry Sauce. The chocolate cake layers and raspberry cheesecake filling make these items standouts on the menu. If you want an amazing dessert but don’t need giant portions, try the petite-sized Salted Caramel Cookie or Butter Cake.

Outback Steakhouse Desserts Menu Prices in Australia:

Outback Steakhouse Desserts Menu Prices of thunder, triple stack, anoffee pie, cheesecake in australia
Outback Steakhouse Desserts Menu Prices of ice cream, dog sundae, thunder in australia

We are here to shed some light on the individual items’ ingredients and what makes them specials. Finally in the end, we will sort some most common questions that you should be aware of.

Outback Steakhouse Thunder & Lightning

Thunder & Lightning in plate with strawberries
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Hot fudge
  • Chopped almonds
  • Whipped cream
  • Cherry

 Outback Steakhouse Triple-Layer Carrot Cake

Triple-Layer Carrot Cake
  • Carrot cake layers
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Toasted pecans

 Outback Steakhouse Chocolate Chocolate Tower

Chocolate Chocolate Tower
  • Chocolate brownie
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate shavings

Outback Steakhouse Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet

Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet
  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Salted caramel
  • Vanilla ice cream

 Outback Steakhouse Butter Cake

Butter Cake
  • Yellow cake
  • Buttercream frosting

Outback Steakhouse New York-Style Cheesecake

New York-Style Cheesecake
  • Cream cheese filling
  • Graham cracker crust
  • Strawberry topping

 Outback Steakhouse Chocolate Thunder from Down Under

Chocolate Thunder from Down Under
  • Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate shavings

Desserts Menu Calories:

#Menu ItemPrice ($)Calories (kcal)Fat (g)Carbs (g)Protein (g)
1Thunder & Lightning10.491920126.00870.0024.00
2Triple-Layer Carrot Cake8.49129068.00174.0010.00
3Chocolate Chocolate Tower9.9971037.0012.000.00
4Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet5.9993042.00132.0010.00
5Butter Cake7.4984047.0098.0010.00
6New York-Style Cheesecake8.49104062.00105.0017.00
7Chocolate Thunder from Down Under9.491520105.00142.0018.00
8Chocolate Fondue Flight12.08
9Caramel Cookie Skillet6.58

If you want to serve large group of people with your desserts menu, try Outback Steakhouse Catering Menu

FAQs | Outback Desserts Menu

A full serving of the Chocolate Thunder contains 1,520 calories. With its numerous layers of chocolate cake and mousse, this hefty dessert delivers a calorie-packed indulgence.

For taste and popularity among customers, the Chocolate Thunder and cheesecakes seem to be the top choices. The Salted Caramel Cookie and carrot cake are well-known for their delightful flavors.

Unfortunately, brownies are not currently on the Outback Steakhouse dessert menu. However, the chocolate layers in the Chocolate Thunder cake may satisfy any brownie cravings.

The butter cake is a moist yellow cake with a rich buttercream frosting. It’s a lighter dessert choice at 840 calories for a petite serving. Customers love the buttery sweetness of this cake.

Dessert prices can vary a bit by location but generally range from $3.99 for a scoop of ice cream to $10.99 for the extra-large Chocolate Thunder. The average price for most full-size cakes and pies is around $7.99. Be sure to check your local Outback’s menu for exact pricing.

The main website for Outback Steakhouse locations in the United States is www.outback.com. This site has online menus, specials and promotions, restaurant locators, and gift cards.

Ultimately, any of the indulgent cakes, cheesecakes, and ice cream treats on the menu make for a perfect dessert at Outback Steakhouse. Whether you’re craving a petite slice of carrot cake or want an epic chocolate fix from the Chocolate Thunder, Outback offers options to satisfy your sweet tooth while providing nutrition facts to help you make informed dining choices.

Close out your meal with a delicious dessert from this iconic Australian-inspired steakhouse.

Final Thought:

Outback Steakhouse desserts menu has something for everyone. From affordable scoops of ice cream to giant chocolate cakes, you can find options at any price point and calorie count. Classic choices like cheesecake and carrot cake are reliably delicious, but the true standout is the Chocolate Thunder. 

This massive slice of chocolate mousse cake is beloved for its intense chocolate flavor and decadent texture. Whatever you choose, ending your meal with a sweet treat from Outback Steakhouse is a tasty way to complete your dining experience.

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