Popeyes Daily Special

For all chicken lovers, Popeyes daily specials bring a lot of offers of fried chickens. Popeyes daily deals brought non-vegetarian customer to tantalize their taste buds with crispy and spicy chicken.

They presented it not on weekly specials but on other days of the week too. In fact, they has everyday offers in limited time to serve this online or drive In.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has variety of mouth watering fried chicken options. From wings to shrimp, they has everything for everyone to make the day specials.

Popeyes Tuesday Special

Popeyes daily specials:

Seven days a week and they have everyday a new offer as below for you. The more famous and well-known chicken offer is Popeyes Tuesday specials.

Popeyes Daily Special

Also adding some value for long term and tight rope customers, they made this deal to increase their value and promote the people’s love for saucy fried chicken. Best offer for the guest that they can order any deal in any day of the week. Enjoy !

Popeyes Daily Specials MenuItemsValue
Monday Offer3 PC Tenders (Tenders Only)$4.99
Tuesday Offer2 PC Chicken (Leg & Thigh)$3.49
Wednesday Offer9 PC Nuggets$4.29
Thursday Offer3 PC Chicken (Leg, Wing and Thigh)$5.49
Friday OfferCajun Poutine$3.99
Saturday Offer5 Wings (Wingettes and Drumettes)$5.49
Sunday Offer2 Chicken Minis$4.99
Popeyes Daily Specials

Popeyes Monday Specials:

Start of the week day is very charming because you got 3 pieces of crispy fried chicken tenders that cost you only $4.99.

Popeyes sauces Free of cost on the Monday special menu.

Ingredients: White Chicken, Buttermilk, Crisp Chicken, Spiced Mayonnaise

Calories Content: 459

Popeyes Tuesday Specials: $2 Tuesday

Second day of the weekly specials is very famous and most people wants to have it in their food tray. You can get 2 piece special of crispy chicken but difference is one is Leg and one is Thigh which is the roos cause of its specialty.

Popeyes sauces Free of cost on the Monday special menu.

Ingredients: Crispy chicken 2 pieces, spiced mayonnaise.

Calories Content: 480

Moreover, a Popeyes drink, a Popeyes biscuit, a Popeyes side in extra $3.49

Popeyes wednesday Specials:

Today chicken special, they served with 9 pieces of nuggets that are very excellent in taste and boost the taste buds when they have on our tongue. Salted nuggets are in low price of $4.29 so you must add a drink with it.

Ingredients: White Chicken, Crisp Chicken Nuggets, Spiced Mayonnaise

Calories Content: 448

Popeyes thursday Specials:

On mid of the week, they have a special offering of 3 pieces of crispy and taste, hot and spicy chicken that include Leg, Wings and Thigh in just $5.49

Ingredients: White Chicken, Buttermilk, Crisp Chicken, Spiced Mayonnaise

Calories Content: 630

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Popeyes friday Specials:

On this day, Popeyes has very special Cajun Paoutine full of a lot of calories value. Must check the menu before trying it.

Ingredients: Cheese curds, Shrimp, Gravy, Chicken, Spiced Mayonnaise

Calories Content: 965

Popeyes saturday Specials:

First day of the weekend starts, let’s see what they have serve this day. Oh yeah, they have total 5 pieces of tasty fresh wings with Wingettes and Drumettes.

Ingredients: White Chicken, Crisp Chicken Wings, Spiced Mayonnaise

Calories Content: 965

Popeyes sunday Specials:

Most people are free this day and they can enjoy 1 piece of legs, off course chicken, 4.5 ounces of popcorn shrimp giving an outstanding deal of the week.

Ingredients: White Chicken, Popcorn, Spiced Mayonnaise

Calories Content: 610

Option to add with all offers:

Locations: They are mostly serving in different countries like Canada, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, South Africa and UK. Some of the US states are also popular like Texas, Houston, California.

How to Order from any Popeyes daily specials

You can take your order by:

  • Drive In
  • Third party services like grubhum, UberEats etc
  • Lastly, giving online order on Popeyes website

popeyes tuesday special near me

You can easily find the one near your foot miles from here . Or also search on Google Popeyes specials near me.


What is popeyes tuesday special ?
It is the day when the brand serve the leg & thigh in their menu list
How much is popeyes tuesday special ?
$3.49 is the only cost for this menu day deal
Does popeyes still have tuesday special ?
Yes, they are currently offering it but depends on locations, things are little bit changed
Does popeyes have 2 piece tuesday ?
Yes, 1 piece is Leg and other one is Thigh.


Give your taste buds a treat of Popeyes daily specials because their items are full of crispy chicken and calories. They are serving from Monday to Sunday with giving any day Off. So, It’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or gather with friends and family for a delicious and affordable meal.