Subway Platters Menu

Are you searching for subway platters menu trays because you want to provide food at your gathering that should be enough to everyone and you will not feel ashamed at the party. I will make your decision easy because Subway is providing party packs that will be enough for your gathering.

Subway Platters Menu

Subway Platters Menu (also called subway party platters menu). The party tray includes sandwiches, wraps, cookies, flavor craver, meatless incase if anyone does want to eat beef, fresh fit,  classic combo, catering and larger platters. The sharing and caring platter is served to 5-9 people mostly and easily.

Now I am shedding some light on all these platter options, their prices, calories content, ingredients they have and most important thing separating them in sub and wrap platter packs. After reading this article, you will get a bunch of information and answer the question of how many sub platters there are.

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Subway Platters Menu

There are a total of 5 catering platters available at most of the subway branches in the USA. From non-vegetarian to vegetarian, they have everything for everyone. You can have a look at these food platters.

  1. Flavour Craver
  2. Classic Platter (Non Beef)
  3. Meatless Platter
  4. Fresh Fit
  5. Customized Platter

The most famous small group of catering options are Flavor Craver, Class combo and Customized platter.

The reason for becoming a favorite among the people may be because of the common choice of Italian B.M.T in these two.

There are also 2 other options for party platters that are:

  1. Breakfast Platter/Tray
  2. Giant Subs

The serving size for above all platters depends on the size of tray you are ordering. You can also ask for the weight of each sub like 152g for classic combo platters. But each tray has 15 four inch subs, enough for the five to nine people gathering.

Subway Platters Prices

The party platter prices are in the range between $40-$50 which is the very low cost of such trays and giving a lot of food that will be enough for everyone out there.

Name of TrayPrices
Flavour Craver$45-$50
Classic Platter (Non Beef)$45-$51
Meatless Platter$45-$52
Fresh Fit$45-$53
Customized Platter$45-$54
Breakfast Tray$40
Giant Subs$99

You may be wondering why I am not telling you what subs are actually inside each tray. I will not wait too much. Let’s uncover this now, and extract each price outside the box. All these prices are variable depending upon the geo location of the branch.

Flavor Craver Subs: (Sub = $75, Wraps = $84)

  • Italian B.M.T
  • Chicken Ham
  •  Bulgogi Chicken
  •  Roast Beef
  • Tuna.

WIth Beef, Chicken & Fish taste

Classic Platter (Non Beef): (Sub = $69, Wraps = $75)

  • Chicken Poloni
  •  Veggie Delite
  •  Tuna
  •  Turkey
  •  Egg Mayo

With Chicken, Fish, Turkey and Veggie taste

Meatless Platter: (Sub = $69, Wraps = $75)

  • Veggie Delite
  •  Veggie Deluxe
  •  Veggie Patty subs

With Pure Veggie taste

Fresh Fit: (Sub = $72, Wraps = $80)

  • Chicken Ham
  •  Roast Beef
  •  Egg Mayo
  •  Turkey
  •  Veggie Deluxe

With veggie, chicken, beef and turkey taste

Customized Platter: ($$ Depends on your customized deal)

You can have veggie to non non-veggie taste. It totally depends on your decision and what types of function you are doing. Call or visit their website for more information about this tray.

Subway Breakfast Platter:

These trays are called subway cookie platters because you will get fresh cookies in the morning to fresh your mood with the fresh air so that you enjoy the beautiful gathering.

  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese
  •  Black Forest Ham
  •  Egg & Cheese

Subway Cookie trays prices are between $40-$45

From all of the menu and their prices, you came to know that sub way has mixed variety of platter trays that people can enjoy either at family breakfast or a meeting lunch or small enjoyable party.

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Subway Platters Nutrients:

Flavor Craver Calories

Classic Combo Tray nutrients
Pie Chart: Classic Combo Tray Nutrients

Classic Platter Calories

Classic Combo Tray nutrients
Pie Chart:Classic Combo Tray nutrients

Fresh Fit Calories

Fresh Fit Tray nutrients
Pie Chart: Fresh Fit Tray nutrients

Breakfast Tray Calories

Breakfast Tray nutrients
Pie Chart: Breakfast Tray nutrients

Giant Subs Calories

Giant subs nutrients
Pie Chart: Giant subs nutrients

More Sub Platter Options:

Breads in Subway Platters Menu

  • Italian
  • Garlic
  • Multi Grain
  • Honey Oats
  • Parmesan


  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Onions
  • Capsicum
  • Olives
  • Pickles
  • Jalapenos


  • Mayonnaise
  • Honey Mustard
  • Sweet Onion
  • Chipotle Southwest
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Chili Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Yellow Mustard


  • Cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to Order Subway Platter

You can place an order for a Subway platter by visiting your nearest Subway restaurant, calling the store directly, or ordering online through the Subway website or mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Subway Platters Menu

How many subs are in a Subway platter?

A Standard Subway platter usually includes 15 pieces of subs, which can be cut into halves for a total of 30 portions.

How many people can fit in a Subway sandwich platter?

A Large Subway platter is designed to serve approximately 25 people. It includes 25 pieces of subs (cut into halves for a total of 50 portions).

What types of Subway platters are available?

Subway offers a variety of platter options, including Classic Combo Platters, Customize Your Own Platters, and Breakfast Platters.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available in Subway platters?

Yes, Subway offers vegetarian and vegan options for platters. You can choose from a selection of plant-based proteins and a variety of vegetable toppings.

What sizes do Subway platters come in?

Subway platters typically come in two sizes: Standard and Large. The size you choose depends on the number of people you need to serve.

Can I order a Subway platter for delivery to my location?

Subway may offer delivery services in some locations, so you can inquire about delivery options when placing your order.


In conclusion, Subway offers a diverse range of platter options to cater to various preferences and gatherings. From Flavor Craver to Classic Platter, Meatless Platter, Fresh Fit, and Customized Platter, there’s something for everyone.

 These platters are designed to serve small to medium-sized groups, making them perfect for family breakfasts, meetings, or enjoyable parties. The prices are reasonable, ranging between $40 to $99, offering ample food at an affordable cost.

Overall, Subway’s platter menu provides a convenient and delicious option for those looking to satisfy a hungry crowd with a variety of fresh and flavorful choices.