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Planning an event but don’t have time to prep all the food? Let Subway catering menu take care of it for you! 

In a world where gatherings and events are an essential part of our lives, having the perfect food options can make or break the experience.

Whether you’re hosting a small team lunch or a large corporate event, Subway’s catering menu has delicious options to satisfy everyone.

Trying to cook for a big group yourself can be stressful and time-consuming. With Subway catering, you can choose from sandwich platters, salad bowls, and snack packs that serve groups of 10 to 100 people or more. Subway handles all the prep work so you can focus on other event details.

Subway Catering Menu With Prices | Best Options

Some of the best prices along with served persons and calories that I have mentioned here. You can get the idea of your preferred option for the gathering.

1. Subway Platters Prices (Sandwiches And Wraps)

Black Forest Ham-Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99
Turkey Breast-Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99
Veggie Delite-Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99
Italian B.M.T -Sandwich Box1520-910$8.99

2. Subway Catering Prices – Easy Order Bundle

Assorted Box-(Lunch meal)12$137.76
Customize-Own Sub-Platter71920-4510 (Per Platter)$56.19
Customize-Own Wrap-Platter81920-4510 (Per Platter)$66.19
Wrap-Platter (Easy-Order)8$61.19
Sandwich-Platter (Easy-Order)7$51.19

3. Subway Party Platters Prices (Individually Packaged Box Meals

 Signature(Veggie Delite)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
 Breast Signature (Turkey)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
 Signature(Black-Forest-Ham)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Signature (Roast Beef) -Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
 B.M.T Signature (Italian)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Combo Signature (Cold Cut)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Italian Signature (Spicy)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69
Signature (Tuna)-Wrap Box1660-1280$12.69

4. Gallons And Bottled Beverages

 Lemonade-Hubert’s Gallon8$7.79
Assorted Beverages10-240$2.49
Vitamin-Water- XXX10-240$2.49
Orange Juice (Simply) 10-240$2.49
Gatorade-Cool Blue10-240$2.49
CocaCola Classic10-240$2.49
Diet CocaCola10-240$2.49

5. Sides


6. Desserts

Cookies (Dozen)122400-2760$8.19

Subway’s catering menu boasts a range of mouthwatering options. Some of the best choices include:

  • Giant Subs: These six-foot-long sandwiches are perfect for large gatherings. They come in various flavors, including Italian B.M.T., Turkey, and Veggie Delite.
  • Subway Platters: Customizable platters featuring an assortment of 3-inch subs, such as Cold Cut Combo, Tuna, and Meatball Marinara.
  • Signature Wraps: A selection of wraps like the Turkey, Bacon & Guacamole Wrap and the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Wrap, sure to please your guests.

Subway’s catering menu features all the classics you know and love. Enjoy flavorful sandwiches stacked high with your choice of meats, cheeses, and veggie toppings on Subway’s freshly-baked bread. Popular options include the Meatball Marinara, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, and Veggie Delite.

The best part about Subway catering is you can customize your order just how you like. Swap out bread types, add extra veggies, or choose lean meats – the options are endless! For sides, choose from Subway’s super-fresh salad bowls, giant cookies, and crispy potato chips.

Customization Options in Catering

One of Subway’s strengths lies in its customization options. You can specify the ingredients, toppings, and sauces for each sub or wrap, ensuring that even the pickiest eaters are satisfied. This flexibility is a significant advantage when catering to a diverse group of guests.

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Beverages, Drinks, and Desserts Menu

Subway’s catering menu doesn’t stop at sandwiches. You can also order a selection of beverages, including soft drinks and bottled water, to quench your guests’ thirst. For those with a sweet tooth, Subway offers dessert platters featuring cookies and brownies that are sure to delight.

Why Only Subway ?

Subway first opened its doors in 1965 and has been serving up hearty sandwiches ever since. With over 40,000 locations worldwide, Subway has become the largest restaurant chain globally. They accomplish this through excellent customer service and diverse, made-to-order menu options.

Subway has been a trusted name in the fast-food industry for decades. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and allowing customers to build their sandwiches exactly as they like them has won the hearts of millions. Subway’s dedication to customization ensures that you can tailor your catering order to meet the specific tastes and dietary restrictions of your guests.

Simple Ways to Order Subway Catering Menu

Ordering Subway catering is quick and easy. Place your order online or call your local Subway restaurant in advance. Let them know your sandwich choices, sides, and quantity needed for your event. Pickup is available in-store or get your order delivered.

  1. Drive In your local shop and get the customized deal for party
  2. Pickup phone and make the call for get the details about timing and schedule to cater your army.

Next time you’re hosting a big crowd, leave the cooking to Subway. With customizable sandwiches, salads, sides, and drinks, they’ll keep your guests satisfied. Order online or call ahead to make your event a breeze!

Popular FAQs Subway Catering Meal

Here are answers to some common questions people have about Subway’s catering menu:

Q: Can I order catering for a small group?

A: Yes, Subway offers catering options for both small and large groups, making it versatile for various gatherings.

Q: How much notice do I need to give for a catering order?

A: It’s best to place your catering order at least 24-48 hours in advance to ensure availability and timely preparation.

Q: Are there vegetarian and vegan options available for catering?

A: Yes, Subway provides vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that all dietary preferences are accommodated.

Finalizing the discussion:-

In conclusion, Subway’s catering menu is a fantastic solution for your gathering needs. Whether you’re planning a casual party or a corporate event, Subway’s fresh, customizable, and delicious options will leave your guests satisfied and impressed.

With a legacy of providing quality food and a commitment to customization, Subway is a catering choice you can trust. So, the next time you’re hosting an event, consider Subway catering for a hassle-free and delightful dining experience.