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If you’re someone with food allergies or dietary restrictions, dining out can be a bit of a challenge. However, Zaxby’s allergen menu is making it easier for you to enjoy their delicious chicken and other menu items without worrying about allergens.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through menu of Zaxby’s allergen , providing you with up-to-date information to make your dining experience safe and enjoyable.

What is Zaxby’s?

Before we dive into the allergen menu, let’s briefly introduce Zaxby’s for those who may not be familiar with this popular fast-food chain. Zaxby’s, a popular fast-food chicken restaurant, offers an allergen menu to help guests with food sensitivities.

Major Allergens | Zaxby’s Allergen Menu

  • Wheat – Zaxby’s chicken, Zax sauce, coleslaw, Texas Toast, and some desserts contain wheat. Fried foods may be cross-contaminated.
  • Dairy – Cheese is used on some sandwiches and salads. Milk is in shakes and cookied. Fried foods may be cross-contaminated.
  • Eggs – Found in Zax sauce, salad dressings, cookies, and fried foods. There may be cross-contamination.
  • Peanuts – Peanuts are an ingredient in the chicken salad. Some desserts have peanuts.
  • Soy – Soybean oil is used for frying. Soy is in teriyaki wings and Asian salads.
  • Shellfish – No shellfish ingredients, but there may be cross-contamination.

Navigating the Allergen Menu

When reviewing Zaxby’s allergen menu, keep the following points in mind:

1. Chicken Options

  • Zaxby’s chicken is typically not prepared with any of the common food allergens mentioned above. However, cross-contamination may occur, so it’s crucial to inform the staff of your allergen concerns.

2. Signature Sauces

  • Some of Zaxby’s signature sauces may contain allergens, so be sure to check the allergen menu for specific sauce details. You can always ask for sauce on the side if you’re uncertain.

3. Sides and Salads

  • Zaxby’s offers a variety of sides and salads, some of which may contain allergens like dairy (e.g., cheese) or gluten (e.g., croutons). Check the allergen menu for detailed information.

4. Allergen-Friendly Options

  • Zaxby’s also provides allergen-friendly options for those with specific dietary needs. Look for menu items labeed below as “Allergen-Friendly” for safer choices.

Non-Allergen Options | Zaxby’s Gluten Free Menu

  • Grilled chicken tenders and drinks are safe gluten-free and dairy-free options.
  • Salads without croutons, cheese, or fried toppings can be modified to avoid common allergens.
  • Fries cooked in peanut oil are peanut-free but may have cross-contact with wheat or dairy.
  • Kids meals with apple sauce, Go-gurt, or fruit cup avoid major allergens.
  • Beverages like water, soft drinks, and some slushies are typically allergen-free.

Common Food Allergens

Zaxby’s allergen menu typically includes information on the following common food allergens:

  • Milk (M)
  • Egg (E)
  • Soy (S)
  • Wheat (W)
  • Peanuts (P)
  • Tree Nuts (TN)
  • Fish (F)
  • Shellfish (Sh)

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Communicating with Zaxby’s Staff

When dining at Zaxby’s with food allergies, it’s essential to communicate your needs with the staff:

  • Inform the cashier: Let the cashier know about your food allergies or dietary restrictions when placing your order.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions about specific menu items, ingredients, or preparation methods to ensure your safety.
  • Request special accommodations: Zaxby’s staff will do their best to accommodate your needs, such as preparing your meal separately to avoid cross-contamination.

Tips for Ordering from Zaxby’s Allergen Menu

  • Mention your allergy when ordering. Staff can check labels and take precautions.
  • Stick to grilled and fried chicken tenders and wings. Avoid breaded menu items.
  • Choose salad without croutons or fried toppings. Ask for olive oil and vinegar.
  • Sauces like Buffalo, teriyaki, and Zax sauce likely contain allergens. Order tenders plain.
  • Deserts are high-risk, except for some Coke slushie options. A fruit cup may be safest.

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Dining Experience

  • Check your order before eating. Make sure they didn’t add croutons, cheese, etc.
  • Have antihistamines or epinephrine auto-injector handy in case of reaction.
  • Wash hands before and after eating. Don’t touch surfaces with allergens.
  • Beware of cross-contamination from fryers, prep surfaces, utensils. Risk varies by location.


Zaxby’s strives to make dining out a pleasant experience for everyone, including those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. By accessing their allergen menu and communicating your needs with their staff, you can enjoy your favorite Zaxby’s meals safely and worry-free.

Always keep in mind that while Zaxby’s provides allergen information to the best of their ability, cross-contamination can still occur.

While challenging, dining at Zaxby’s is possible by knowing the menu, asking questions, and taking precautions. With the right modifications, those with food allergies can also enjoy Zaxby’s southern hospitality and fried chicken favorites.